Development Pathway

Archers commence their development pathway on joining the club – they are usually hiring bows for the first few months, attending the Mid Field on Saturday mornings and shooting a self-paced OzBow score, all while getting assistance from the volunteer Archery Instructors rostered on duty. They move out 5m at a time as they achieve the OzBow target scores.

After about two months you may be interested in buying your own gear. New members are encouraged to book some time with a Coach who will take measurements and give you recommendations for a suitable bow.

Once you have your own bow you’ll most likely be shooting “red or better” at 30m or more and may like to move to the West Field and participate in the club rounds as listed in the annual calendar and as summarised each week in the weekly email. This is an ideal chance to shoot with more experienced archers. Archers generally share a target butt of up to three archers each. By this time you will be entering your scores into Archers Diary and you will be able to track your progress – your rating.

From there you may like to start shooting some of the afternoon shoots, in particularly the Monthly Club Shoot which is a handicap shoot and has a medal awarded to the archer who shoots best against their own “average” rating.

Once you are shooting the afternoon shoots you may then be thinking of inter-club competitions. Or you may want to stay as a recreational social archer, which is fine. For those that are thinking competitive, an ideal avenue is the Silver Arrow Shoots which are “postal” shoots with the results electronically posted off. These shoots are held at the club in target, indoor archery, clout, and field (though field archery is shot at Belmont), and there is one of these Silver Arrow Shoots about once a month or two. Because they are shot at the club there are only club members present even though it is an interclub shoot, so they are ideal non-pressure shoots for the newer archers. To shoot these Silver Arrow in the relevant division you need to be shooting out to the respective distances. Your Development Plan could have these distances as a target achievement.

The next step in your development could then be to attend one of the QRE (Qualification and Ranking Events) that are held at Samford from time to time as per the club annual calendar, or shot at other clubs in South Queensland. There are 11 affiliated clubs in South Queensland.

Or you may plan to shoot one of the South Queensland Championships. Get plenty of practice at the required distances in the lead up to these tournaments. Include this in your Development Plan. Some of these SQAS Championships are held at Samford on your home grounds.

Then you may look to the Archery Australia National Championships and other national tournaments both for youths and adults. Archers that are at this level could see a Coach about review of their Development Plan and the possibility of regular coaching assistance.

And beyond that if you meet the selection requirements you could even go to International events like World Cups and World Championships. The club has archers that have been or are currently at this level.

The Archery Australia High Performance program is run out of the Queensland Academy of Sport in Brisbane. To be visible for this program you need to be shooting good scores at QREs.

Our tips:

  • It is important to make Saturday morning archery a habit to constantly reinforce the training points you’re working on.
  • Archers can meet with a Coach to craft a Development Plan. This is important for those who want to move from social to competitive archery.
  • You should attend one of our seminars/workshops on bow set up or the other training sessions held from time to time, e.g. equipment maintenance, tournament preparation, string making etc.
  • With all scheduled archery you must be on time and it is best to get in the habit of being early and warmed up with your equipment ready to go.

Specifically for under 18s:

There is once-a-month Youth Squad for archers under 18 which is very worthwhile attending. And also for youths, there’s the Trans Tasman event each 2 years, alternating between Australia and New Zealand.