Club championship

Club Championships

There shall be standalone championship tournaments for the:

  • SVTA Short Range Championships
  • SVTA Target Championships
  • SVTA Indoor Championships
  • SVTA Clout Championships, and
  • SVTA Field Championships.

In addition Overall Club Champions will be introduced in all divisions based on placing points accumulated from participation at these Club Championships, where the best 4 of 5 events in Target, Field, Clout, Short Range, Indoor shall be taken, and for Para and VI archers the best 2 of 3 events based on Target, Short Range and Indoor shall be taken. The points shall be allocated as follows; 3 points for a first place, 2 points for second, and 1 point for participation. In the event of a tie in the accumulated placing points the Target Championship off the bow score will decide the Overall Champion.

The Club Championship Tournaments will join the existing tournaments, like the Monthly Club Tournaments, the interclub SQAS Silver Arrow Tournaments, and the Ron Tucker tournament. The Club Champions are available in all divisions and thus compete as “off the bow” scores; the Monthly Club Tournaments are handicap tournaments; and the Ron Tucker Tournament is based on performance against GMB ratings. These criteria are designed to provide a range of different achievement measures.

The club is retaining the concept of “Rounds for the Month”, but in 2021 these can be shot at any time on the Saturday, Monday or Wednesday. Club records can be claimed as long as the participation/witnessing rules for scores are followed. This will allows archers to shoot at cooler times in the day and still achieve meaningful club records. This adoption recognises the impacts on our sport of changing weather patterns.

Interclub Silver Arrow
  • 3 x Clout
  • 3 x Indoor
  • 3 x Target
  • 3 x Field
  • Awards as per SQAS with no club medals
Most Improved/Encouragement Award(s)
  • Determined by the Recorder(s) in consultation with the President.
  • Awarded at the end of the year
  • National Ranking list
  • No club awards
Ron Tucker Tournament
  • Annual Tournament
  • Award/prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd against percentage of GMB