Participating in shoots

Please note you may practice at any time the club is open and shoot any round you choose for unofficial practice, assuming the fields of play can accommodate. However, for your score to be officially accepted for the Target Shoot of the day etc, you must commence at the starting time and participate as a group in the shoot.

If you are shooting a round, register online in Archers Diary via your smartphone or the clubhouse computers. Register your name, your bow type and the round you are shooting on the day. The program automatically calculates how you went against your past performances.

There must be a minimum of three archers participating in the shoot and all scoring must be witnessed and signed by the archer and the witness certifying to the witnessing of the scores and the correct recording of each arrow value.

Early shooting prior to the start time is considered unofficial practice, or if you arrive late for the shoot once scoring has commenced you are unable to participate in the official shoot for the day. However, you can practice but your score should not be submitted.

To submit an official score you must submit a paper score sheet and also enter your arrow scores into Archers Diary, preferably at the target using a device or when you return to the club into the computer. Please also note that score sheets you submit must have your AA membership number on them and all appropriate boxes must be completed and the sheets signed. Make sure you use your full name not just your first name.