Membership fees

Your membership must be financial to participate at the club. No archery at the club unless you have paid your fees. Please check that your membership is current. The insurance cover for you is via this membership.

Once received from AA you must bring your membership card with you every time you come to the club. Temporary cards are issued to you until you get your AA card. You may not shoot at the club unless you display your card. When you get your AA membership card please punch a hole in them and either wear it or hang off your quiver.

Always bring your membership card to the club. Spot checks are undertaken. Please take these checks in good spirits as to be fair to you we need to check that everyone shooting has current AA membership. If you have a quiver please hang your card from your quiver or display it on your person so it is visible.

Please pay your annual membership fees online via the AA web site. The club also has EFT facilities and offers direct transfer into the club’s bank account if online payment is unavailable to you. See Treasurer Alison Hagaman if you do not have your AA logon details.

Only financial Archery Australia members or participants on a beginner’s course can shoot at the club . Visitors from other Archery Australia clubs will generally be approved to shoot at the club with sign-in and payment of the visitor’s fee. Visitors from other Archery Australia clubs must fit in with the shooting arrangements of the day at the club.

Other visitors are not permitted to shoot at the club without approval.

Children of members must complete a beginner’s course and then become a member before they’re allowed to shoot at the club.