Archery Disciplines

Samford Valley Target Archers offers Target, Indoor, Clout and Field (practice lanes) archery. Target, Indoor and Clout competitions are regularly hosted on our facilities. Field competition is usually held at the South Queensland Archery Society’s field course at Belmont.


Target archery involves shooting at a target butt centred approximately 1.5m above ground level which will have scoring circles of up to 122cm in diameter on the target face. The target face has concentric circles and scoring starts in the centre with the smallest circle – the bulls eye – recorded as an X which equals 10 points. The next larger circle also equals 10, then 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and then M for miss. Some target faces only have X through to 6 scoring rings. There are also a few smaller target faces where the circles are closer together. Archers usually shoot 3 or 6 arrows per ‘end’.

The club accommodates approximately 50 target lanes or 150 archers shooting simultaneously, with target distances up to 90 metres.


Indoor archery has smaller scoring faces than target archery and archers shoot 3 arrows per end at 18m or 25m distances. The target faces are fixed to a vertical wall centred approximately 1.2m to 1.7m above the floor. 18m distances use a 40cm diameter with X/10 through to 1 scoring rings or a ‘three spot’, which shows three separate target circles with scoring circles from X/10 to the 6 ring. The ‘three spot’ requires the archer to shoot one arrow into each of the three circles.

The two indoor sheds hold 30 18m indoor target lanes. Most of the lanes also allow 25m shooting distances. The club uses an electronic timing system in the indoor halls.


The target face in clout is 15 metres across and is flat on the ground! Each scoring circle on the target is about 75cm wide and is bordered by a coloured flag identifying the standard 10 ring scoring circles. The ‘bulls eye’ in the centre of the target face is a marker post which is called the Clout. Archers shoot six arrows per end, aiming up into the air to about a 45 degree angle so their arrows travel in a large parabola.

Clout is shot at distances from 100m to 180m depending on the archer’s age and bow division. The club has two clout targets and can accommodate more for competitions.


Field archery requires archers to move through a course and shoot three arrows at each target. The distance to the target and the size of the target face may be different for each target and the target faces may be very high or low, nestled in the landscape. There are marked and unmarked field rounds, where you are told the distance to the target or not, respectively.

There are three field practice lanes which allow archers to work on all field distances, 5m to 60m.

What about Flight?

The aim of Flight is to shoot your arrow as far as possible. This discipline is no longer shot within South Queensland Archery Society and was only available at other facilities.