Club re-opened

Samford Valley Target Archers is now open to all club members and club associates.


  • 100 people maximum allowed at the club per session.
  • Only members of this club (and club associates) may participate.
  • One non-participating parent may attend with their child. No other visitors.
  • Do not visit the club if you are unwell.
  • We recommend that you do not come to the club if you are a person at higher risk.


  • Always use 1.5m minimum physical distancing.
  • Familiarise yourself with the sanitising stations and procedures eg. for the toilets and equipment.
  • Outdoor – maximum two archers per target.
  • Indoor – one vacant lane between each archer.


  • Archers are to use wipes to disinfect electronic whistles, handles of target butts, club workshop equipment etc before and after use.
  • No sharing of personal equipment.
  • Archers may hire club equipment but must sanitise bows, finger tabs, arm guards, finger slings etc, before and after use.
  • Archers must pull their own arrows. Should there be a miss, other archers can briefly help look but must not touch/collect the found arrows.

Other restrictions

  • The kitchen and lunch tables are not available.
  • Archers Diary will be available for practice rounds only. Paper scoresheets and clipboards are not in use and no records will be processed.



Welcome to the SVTA Clubhouse!


2020 Coaching Roster July-December

Weather monitoring:

Real-time local weather observations: Samford Valley Weather Station

Official weather observations and forecasts: Bureau of Meteorology


Special Offers

Bendigo Bank is offering a series of very special deals to Samford Valley Target Archers club members. See the Designer Deal Archers flyer for more details.



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