About Us

About us

The Samford Valley Target Archers started as the Grange Company of Target Archers Inc in 1947 and is the oldest and largest target archery club in Queensland. The club operates a target field and Indoor Archery Facility (a joint initiative of Moreton Bay Regional Council and Queensland Government) at Samford Archery Park in the Samford Parklands, 2204 Mount Samson Rd Samford Valley, just north of Samford Village.

Archery is a great sport that gets you outside and keeps you active and healthy which many people find relaxing. Our club has a very family friendly approach, great social atmosphere and some very serious competitors aiming for international representation. The club invites memberships from a range of abilities and members range from 10 years to eighty plus.

Archery is a sport that almost anyone can participate in. You don’t have to have any particular physical attribute to become good at the sport so come along and have a go … it’s great fun and the company is very friendly! Archery can be enjoyed at a social level, as a self-improvement discipline, or for the competitively-minded at club, state, national, international and Olympic level.